Dear Daughter,

If you inherit even part of my brain you’re going to be obsessed with boys. My apologies in advance. I fall for them so easily. It’s embarrassing. Almost as embarrassing as the fact I never spell embarrassing right the first time. There are two R’s. Back to boys. Good gosh. They’ll get you with their good smell or their deep voice or their oh-so-casual but heart melting half-smiles. You know those many things that make the biology kick in and say, this person will give you strong offspring, go to them. 

And while I want to say, avoid boys, they’re trouble. They’re also really great. For kissing or for friendship, they can really be quite useful. There have been some very, very good men in my life from the very beginning. Your grandpa, of course, because, as he always told me, he’s been the only boy I can count on. But also the boys that have come and gone in my life have shaped me into who I am and provided me with some great stories.

Honestly, baby, at this point, I’m not sure you’ll even have a father. I’m not doing so well on the whole finding and keeping a man thing. I’ve made some poor choices in men and I’ve also not been able to hold onto some good choices. And some were a combination of both those things.

Every relationship with a boy is a lesson be it romantic, platonic, or a combination of both. Thanks to boys I’ve learned a lot of things. No fewer than three boys tried to teach me how to drive a stick-shift. Boys have held me when I cried, even when I didn’t want them to know I was crying. Boys have helped me fix things around the house. Helped me buy a car. Boys have helped me make movies and write musicals.

At some point in your life, you’ll probably lose all faith in men. Your friends will tell you of things that happen to them or you’ll hear things on the news. You’ll have your own experiences. But I promise they aren’t all bad. I promise you that you won’t regret loving them. I promise that for everyone that hurts you or hurts the people around you, there are so many good ones. 


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