Dear Babies,

As you grow up the search for romantic love is going to be very appealing. I get it. It’s all over in movies and television and Valentine’s Day cards. Starting in about seventh grade, I “had a crush on every boy.” The butterflies in the stomach are fun and so are sparkly eyes and first dates and “I like you”s. However, there’s a lot of investment in someone that’s going to be gone from your life in a matter of months.

Cultivate friendships because these are some of the best, most selfless relationships. They want nothing more than to be your friend. They want to be with no sense of obligation. They choose you over and over even after they know what a weirdo you are.

Cultivate friendships because your friends are the ones to pick up the pieces when your romantic hopes don’t pan out.

Cultivate friendships because it’s good to build relationships with people without expecting anything in return.

If you’re always chasing after love interests you’re going to miss all the wonderful people who are around you and ready to enrich your life. Let them in. Be good to them. Cherish them. If you do this you’ll never be lonely.




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